Trish Thompson

Teaching Manager Head Teacher at Magnolia Montessori

Email: [email protected]
General Information

I grew up strongly influenced by a Montessori background in Ireland, where my Mother was a Montessori Teacher and we had a school in our home for over twenty years.

My background in New Zealand was steadily established in Playcentre where I made lifelong friends and developed a strong interest in early childhood education. I then began working alongside children with special needs and this led to achieving my Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood.

In 2000, Raleigh St Montessori opened, and I began the career I have a deep passion for, Montessori Education. Next year, I will have been involved in Early Childhood Education thirty years, and while I have worked in Daycares, Kindergartens and Primary Schools, co-owned two preschools, Montessori is firmly me.

I have worked alongside Cambridge Montessori teachers and Management for some time and will continue to do so as a Teaching Mentor. I look forward to continuing my Montessori work with the Cambridge team.

Tāim ag tnūth le bualadh leat,I look forward to meeting you all at Magnolia and Cambridge Montessori.

Trish Thompson