Cambridge Montessori Pre-School

Kotahi te kākano, he nui ngā hua o te rākau

A tree comes from one seed but bears many fruit


It is with great excitement and joy we are able to introduce our purposefully prepared environment for under threes -  Magnolia Montessori.

The building is situated around the back of Taylor St Montessori which can be accessed by entering the car park and continuing around the back of the large building where we are located at the far left.

We will cater for children between four months to 3 years of age in a tranquil Montessori environment. This will be prepared to maximise sensory experiences, encourage motor development through a variety of activities, nurturing a language rich culture, guided by experienced, caring and empathic Montessori teachers, who carefully build trusting and caring relationships, where families and children can feel a strong sense of family and reliability.

The children attending will include a range of ages, and each child’s individual rhythm will be taken into consideration when eating, sleeping, exploring and discovering or simply needing time to rest and observe.

“All that we ourselves are has been made by the child, by the child we were in the first two years of our lives”  Dr M Montessori

We look forward to meeting you and your children.