Cambridge Montessori Pre-School

Our Enrolment Procedure

If you wish to receive an enrolment pack and/or make an appointment to visit one of our centres, please email or phone our Operations Manager, Sophie Aston: (07) 823 5949 (Taylor St) or (07) 823 5138 (Raleigh St).

To secure a place on our waiting list, complete an enrolment form and send it to the school with the enrolment fee ($60.00 per family for Cambridge Montessori and $85.00 for Magnolia Montessori). The fee is refunded if we are unable to offer your child a place in one of our centres.

Phone either of the numbers above to check for availability of spaces - we may be able to start your child at short notice.

We require children to attend a morning session with a parent before commencing independent attendance.