Cambridge Montessori Pre-School

Here's What Parents Have to Say:

"My daughter started at Magnolia in October. She came from a large daycare. She use to hate me leaving and would cry for awhile, when she started at Magnolia I noticed a massive change, she only cried on the first day but since has been more than happy to stay. Her speak has developed well and her ability to do tasks amazes me. I love that she gets to help with the gardens and other tasks around Magnolia. Maree and Trish do an amazing job with the kids. I highly recommend Magnolia to anyone looking for childcare in Cambridge"

"The calm environment, nurturing teachers, and child-led learning curriculum"

"These are important formative years and we are getting valuable support so thank you very much".

"We know you are supporting our son to speak up for himself and to become more independent and decisive".

"  "A" has recently been talking about being a 'leader' at home and instinctively I know, it is largely due to his Montessori teachers".

"I love it how each teacher knows (gets to know) & takes such a big interest in each child in every possible way (work, health, behaviour etc)".

"Very respectful and very in tune with child's needs".

"I think it's prepared my son for the school classroom really well, especially with early reading and maths. It's also engaged my daughter into a way where she can sit and concentrate without too much disruption".

"I love the variety offered for learning".

"My daughter is blossoming with your curriculum. She takes responsibility and gains confidence".

"The teachers demonstrate wonderful care and understanding of the children and go to great lengths to meet their individual needs. Well done!"

"The staff are always so warm and welcoming and great to discuss any concerns".